Cummins Nursery

Cummins Nursery has joined the world of online shopping. We hope that this virtual store for fruit trees makes your experience with us easier. Don't worry, we are still here to do our best to answer any orchard questions that you may have. You can still give us a call or send us a note. However, if you are ready to order, then do! The inventory is the same inventory that we work with, so if you see that there are 2 Ashmeads Kernel left on G.11, then that is what there is.

We definitely recommend that you register first This way, anything that you add to your cart will still be there if you leave the site.

CIDER TREE ALERT!!!! 10,000 dwarf cider trees just became available. (A custom order that fell thru due to hard times:-( This is a great opportunity for those looking for cider varieties on premium dwarf stock. For orders over 500 trees, send us an email or give a call (607) 592-2801