Arkansas Black

Origin: Probably a seedling of Winesap; Benton County, Arkansas around 1870. Harvest: Late October-early November, after Winesap, before Granny, with Braeburn & Fuji. Hangs like crazy, keeps all winter. Description: Extremely beautiful, medium size, smooth, round, dark purplish red fruits turn nearly black at maturity. Waxy skin. Crisp, juicy, very firm, yellow flesh. Distinctive aromatic flavor lends itself well to cider blending. Very good quality, use for fresh eating or cooking. Excellent keeper; mellows in storage. Tree Characteristics: Triploid; will not pollenize other varieties. Resistant to cedar apple rust; some resistance to scab and fireblight. Will tolerate low desert heat. Reports of some resistance to codling moth, due to exceptional hardness of the immature fruit!

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