NY 35 (Bonkers)

Cornell Description: "NY 73334-35 - (Liberty X Delicious): Very large dark red fruit maturing after Delicious. Many fruit develop parthenocarpically. Some irregularly shaped fruit. Not as precocious as Liberty or Empire. Unusually large size may make fruit attractive for direct-market sales."

Michael Phillips: "I have not seen one speck of scab on a single apple... Flavor-wise, I describe Bonkers (= NY 35) as having a proper amount of 'puck' with juice and complexity part of the mix. It is that 'smooth acidity' that makes you feel you're eating a righteous apple. It tastes good picked just a tad early and really picks up those Empire fruity overtones when left to fully tree ripen. (from Roger Chamberlain, Spokane) It is one of the best looking trees in the orchard and one of our favorite all purpose apples."

Duane Greene at UMass: "I evaluated a number of NY scab resistant apples this year and this is probably the best. It ripens in mid October. It is large, extremely crisp and juicy and quite attractive with 80 to 90% red color. The acidity is fairly high and this may mask some of the flavor. Essentially, it is a good apple."

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