Centennial Crab

Centennial Crab is a crabapple formed by the cross of Dolgo x Wealthy that originated at the University of Minnesota, Excelsior in 1957.

The fruit is medium large, 4.0-4.5 cm (12-1¾") in diameter, round conic, long stemmed, with a narrow shallow stem cavity and flat basin, and it matures mid season from searly to mid September. The skin is orange-yellow, fully striped and overlaid with red with corky lenticels, and covered with a medium purplish bloom. The flesh is yellow, crisp, tender juicy and mildly acid. Excellent flavor; it is very good for fresh eating and cooking, especially sauce.

The tree is very productive annually with mid-season bloom. Genetic semidwarf. Scab resistant and moderately resistant to fire blight.Very winter hardy, hardy to zone 3.

G.30 Semi-dwarf rootstock (50% of standard)

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