CrimsonCrisp (Co-op 39)TM

CrimsonCrisp, also known as Co-op 39, is an apple produced by the PRI, released to the public in 2006.

The skin is bright, medium to dark red blush over yellow ground color, very attractive. Flresh is cream colored, mildly acid, coarse gained, crisp, breaking, hard. Sugary, moderately acid, spicy, full rich flavor, very good to best quality at harvest but flavor may weaken in storage, moderate aroma, juicy to very juicy. Retains texture and quality for 6 months in refrigerated storage.

The apple hangs well on tree without dropping. Field immune to scab. Fruit moderately resistant to rust; leaves susceptible. Moderately susceptible to mildew. Fire blight susceptible. Ready to harvest September 7 to 21 at Lafayette, Indiana.

Comments: "Very attractive color and shape, extremely crisp. What we really like are its keeping qualities. It stays firm in cold storage for well into the late winter and spring months even in regular storage. I think it probably keeps as well as Fuji." (Phil Baugher, Adams County Nursery).

A royalty of $1.25 is added to the base price of this tree.

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