Pink Lady (Cripps Pink)TM

Pink Lady, or Cripps Pink is a modern cross of Golden Delicious x Lady Williams produced in southwestern Australia in the 1990s. Pink Ladies are tested for perfect sugar and color, those that don't pass the test (over half the crop) are sold as Cripps Pink.

Oblong, green fruit turns yellow at maturity and is overlaid with a pink or light red blush. Fine-grained, white flesh that doesn't brown after being cut. Flavor is sweet, tropical, and sweet-tart. Thin skin bruises easily. Fruit will store for six to eight months in common storage.

Tree is very vigorous with large distinctive leaves, "ripens" late September - early October in upstate NY. Don't really fullly ripen here. Responds well in low chill areas, high tolerance to sunburn. A royalty of $1.00 is added to the base price of this tree.

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