Florina Querina

Florina Querina is a cross of PRI 612-1 x Jonathan from INRA Beaucouze, France. A modern disease-resistant apple.

Florina Querina is a large, very attractive apple with purple-red streaks over a yellow background. It is sweet, aromatic, crisp and juicy, a good apple for eating out-of-hand. Keeps well.

The tree is medium to strong vigor, precocious, and a terminal bearer. Scab resistant, moderate resistance to blight and mildew, susceptible to rust. It is a good hanger, so it is also good for wildlife planting. Disease-resistance means that it is good for home and organic growers. In upstate New York, harvest is mid October, two to three weeks after Golden Delicious, between Northern Spy and Mutsu.

Duane Greene, U Mass: "I hear very little about this apple, but it is very good, especially for a disease resistant apple. It is very attractive and its skin is glossy like a HoneyCrisp. It is somewhat crisp, very juicy, with a good mild butteryflavor. Fruit size is medium. I rated it very high."

Steven Bibula, Maine: "The ideal pick your own apple in our area, with a beautiful flavor and texture profile for a three week picking period."

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