Freyberg is a Golden Delicious/Cox's Orange Pippin cross introduced in New Zealand in 1934, by J. H. Kidd, the developer of Gala.

Freyberg is a medium-sized, somewhat unattractive yellow-green apple with some russeting. The flesh is juicy, aromatic, creamy white with firm fine texture, with a flavor combination of apple, pear, and banana. Has a touch of anise and liquorice. Its fascinating flavor, described as banana with a touch of overripe raspberry puts it at #4 on Ed Facklers top 20 list.

The tree is moderately vigourous, but small and weak. Annual bearer if thinned. It is blight and scab susceptible. Readt to harvest in early October in upstate New York.

G.935 Dwarf rootstock (40% of standard)

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