Galarina is a disease-resistant apple that was produced by a Gala x Florina Querina cross made in France, then tested in Quebec in the 1990's.

Fruit resembles Gala, small to medium in size, red to orange red, with some yellow background. Flavor is crisp and sweet and will store up to four months in regular cold storage. The apple will hang up to four weeks after expected harvest with very little stem cracking. Preferred for wildlife planting, as it will hang through deer season.

Tree is vigorous, hardier than Gala and the growth habit upright-spreading. Galarina shows high tolerance to apple scab, mildew and fire blight. Ripens in late September or early October, between Golden Delicious & Empire. A royalty of $1.25 is added to the base price of this tree.

MM.111 Semi-standard rootstock (80% of standard)

#1 grade11/16 grade9/16 grade7/16 grade5/16 grade