Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold is famous as the apple that Hurricane Camille brought forth, first discovered in Viriginia in 1969. Camille brought devastating floods to Nelson County, Virginia, and the orchards of Clyde and Frances "Ginger" Harvey were badly washed out. In recovering the few surviving trees around the edge of one Winesap orchard, another tree was found which Clyde Harvey recognized as being different. It was planted with the rest, but was found to produce yellow rather than red fruit. An extension agent identified the parents as Golden Delicious, Albemarle Pippin, and some other unknown variety. The variety was eventually named after Clyde Harvey's wife.

In the 21st century this has become an increasingly popular variety. It is the first yellow apple to ripen in the fall, and the quality and consistency of its bearing have suited it to commercial growing. In January 2007, the Virginia General Assembly proposed a bill designating the Ginger Gold Apple as the official fruit of Virginia. The apple is green-yellow, sweet-dart, simple, crisp and juicy. Hardy to zone 5.

Ginger Gold is an early season apple, ripening early September in upstate New York. Susceptible to fireblight and cedar apple rust. A royalty of .25 is added to the base price of this tree.

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