Golden Hornet

Golden Hornet is a crapabble from the suspected to be from 19th century England and a possible cross between Malus sieboldii calocarpa and Malus prunifolia coccinea. It is a well-known English crab apple and a popular choice for gardens where its neat tapering shape and huge crops of conspicuous yellow fruits have made it a favourite. It is also widely planted among fruiting apple trees because its lavish display of white flowers is a prolific source of pollen for fertilising the other trees.

One of the best of all crabs, its branches bend under the weight of the fruit, which are excellent for jam & juice or may be left on to last all autumn and part of the winter too. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it their prestigious Award of Garden Merit. Excellent pollinator for other very late blooming English apples like Ashmeads, Court Pendu Plat, Stoke Red.

Tree is small to medium sized, spreading and hardy to zone 6.

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