Golden Nugget

Gold Nugget is a 1932 cross of Golden Russet and Cox's Orange Pippin developed by the Canadian Department of Agriculture in Nova Scotia. An excellent all-purpose apple for fresh eating, sauce, pies, apple butter, and cider.

Small, broadly conical, long-stemmed apple, predominantly yellow, streaked and splashed with bright orange. The apple is sugary sweet, rich, luscious, of a most delicious mellow flavor, but has a short keeping life. Produces a high sugar and acidity, low tannin cider.

The tree is vigorous, and a heavy bearer that remains small. It is moderately susceptible to all major diseases. Ripens just before Coxs Orange. Hardy to zone 5.

Peter Mitchel, MA: "Hmmm, how to describe it? Well, its sweet. And it has a good nose. The texture is firm, but not like a rock. I could be happy either eating or drinking it. Also, it didnt have a bit of scab on it, and no curc bites. Very well behaved apple."

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