Gravenstein is an heirloom apple said to have originiated in Italy, early 1600's, and arrived in Denmark in 1669, where it is now the national apple. First discovered in the USA in 1790, possibly brought over by Russian fur traders.

Large, round to slightly flattened orangish yellow fruit with red stripes. Thin skin. Crisp, juicy, fine grained, yellowish white flesh. Known for fine, berry-like, sweet-tart flavor. Unexcelled for cooking. Makes wonderful pies, desserts, sauces, and cider. With proper storage, keeps until November.

Tree is large, vigorous, and upright growing, tends to be biennial. Susceptible to abble scab, canker, powdery mildew, and fireblight. Triploid. Ready to harvest August-September, keeps till early November in upstate New York.

G.11 Dwarf rootstock (25% of standard)

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