King David

King David was found on a fencerow in Arkansas in 1893. This antique is speculated to be a cross of Jonathan and Winesap. King David is winey, rich, slightly spicy, and flavorful. Fruits never seem to drop and increase in brilliance of color as the season goes on. For best eating, should be picked when the red color becomes complete. This American apple is great for fresh eating, baking, applesauce, and cider.

Apples ripen late October to early November in upstate New York; peak flavor is October-December, and store well. The fruit is medium size, pale green and overlaid with deep dark red.

King David trees are large, spreading, and bushy, and trees tend to bear early. Good tolerance to cedar apple rust and scab, though bitter pit is a problem especially with young trees. Hardy to zone 5. Fireblight can be a problem further south.

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