Kingston Black

Kingston Black is a bittersharp English cider apple first discovered in the mid 19th century in Somerset, England. Kingston Black is commonly used for well balanced single variety ciders, with a nutty and spicy nose. In Apples of Uncommon Character, Rowan Jacobson describes the flavor as "a perfect balance of sweet, tart, bitter and savory saddle sweat, like prosciutto". The Mt. Vernon tasting notes read "tannins are soft, good balance, wonderful flavor jumps all over the mouth."

The apple is deep crimson, almost black, with beige russeting over a yellow orange base. Susceptible to canker and apple scab, the tree can be difficult to grow, but when it does succeed, it is worth it. Autumn of Eve's Cidery believes it ripens mid-September while other sources suggest it ripens around mid-October.

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