Macoun is a cross of McIntosh x Jersey Black that was developed by New York Agricultural Experimental Station in Geneva, NY in 1909, and was first released to the public in 1923.

This heirloom apple is sized and shaped like McIntosh, but with more striped and deeper red coloring. Dark purplish red blush over green background. Firm, aromatic, all-purpose high quality eating apple. Fruit drops readily and bruises easily. Uncomplicated and sweet, a cult favorite in the Northeast.

The tree is of medium size, vigorous, hardy, spur type, productive, with an upright habit and spreading branches. Must be thinned to maintain fruit size and to prevent biennial bearing. Resistant to cedar apple rust. Ripens early to mid October in upstate New York, but does not keep or ship well. Will not store in warm climates, grows zone 4 to 8.

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