Mutsu (Crispin)

Crispin (Mutsu) was developed in 1937 as a cross between Golden Delicious and Indo. From the Aomori Research Station, Kurioshi, Japan, it was introduced to the US in 1948.

Good eating apple, first class cider and sauce. Green fruit ripens yellow. In Japan, it's known as the Million Dollar Apple, selling at high prices. Individual fruits are often grown in paper bags on the tree, causing them to develop a crystal yellow or pinkish color, but the bagging diminishes flavor. The fruit is large, oblong, and irregular. The smooth greenish-yellow skin is waxy and clear with a copper blush. The dense flesh is crisp, juicy and coarse-grained with a sprightly flavor.

A vigorous grower, the fruit does not russet and will not shrivel in storage. It resists frost and spray injury, but is susceptible to scab and cedar apple rust, and the fruit bruises easily. Hot, dry weather enhances the spicy flavor, and the fruit remains intact when cooked. It is suitable for dessert, cooking and cider making. A triploid with biennial tendencies, it needs pollination. Trees are vigorous and may need scoring to force buds low on the trunk to form scaffold limbs. Some reports of bitter pit. Ripens late September, early October. Triploid. Ready to harvest late October in upstate New York, keeps till February.

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