Northern Spy

Northern Spy is an heirloom apple first discovered in upstate New York around 1800 used for baking, fresh eating and cider. Parentage is unknown, and it was likely a chance seedling.

Large, round, often flattened greenish-yellow fruit flushed and striped pinkish red with a delicate bloom, and occasionally russet patches. Fine grained, rather firm, very tender, crisp, juicy, yellowish flesh. Tart, aromatic, and acidic flavor balanced with syrupy sweetness. Excellent all-purpose apple, except not good for drying. Ferments into a crisp, clean cider.

Fruit ripens late October in upstate New York. Northern Spy is a large vigorous tree, biennial bearer, and is slow to bear - it can take ten years or more to fruit. It is somewhat resistant to fireblight, but otherwise susceptible to disease. Hardy to zone 4, and may survive at zone 3, although further testing is neccessary..

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