NY 414-1

NY 414-1, also known as NY 75414-1 or Early Macoun. A cross of Liberty x "MacSpur" McIntosh, bred by Cornell/Geneva, good for fresh eating..

NY 414-1 is a large, dark red with a smokey blue bloom. Flavor is sweet, tart, crisp, and juicy.

The tree is very upright and disease resistant. A modern scab, fireblight resistant variety. At best, NY 75414-1 has been widely tested and gained a following in some circles, however, you either like it or you hate it. Rumor has it that Cornell/Geneva is currently considering naming this one. Ripens in September in upstate New York, stores well if humidity is kept in check as it can dry out easily.

G.935 Dwarf rootstock (40% of standard)

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