Pomme Gris

Also known as: Leathercoat, French Russet, Gray Apple, Pomme Canada, Reinette Gris. The origin of Pomme Gris is uncertain, with some saying it was first discovered in France in the late 18th century, and others saying Quebec in the mid 19th century.

This heirloom is small but dense, with thick, tough skin, with tan-green russeting covering the whole fruit. A solid fresh eating apple, usefullness in cider is debated. Like other russets, its high flavor has a tart sweetness and pear-like richness. Flavor is rich, dense, cruncy, with deep nuttiness.Excellent dessert apple. Grown by Thomas Jefferson in Monticelllo, where it places highly in the annual apple tastings.

Ripens in September in upstate New York, a good keeper up North and good till January.

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