Priscilla is a disease resistant apple produced by PRI in the 1960's.

The apple is medium sized, pale yellow colored with a red blush. Flesh is crisp and breaking, moderate licorice aroma. The apple is mildly acid to sweet, and rich in flavor; moderately juicy; very good dessert quality. Retains quality for two to three months or more in refrigerated storage if properly handled.

The tree is moderately vigorous, standard bearing habit, somewhat thin branched; medium size. It is field immune to apple scab; high level of resistance to fire blight; high level of resistance to cedar-apple rust; good level of resistance to powdery mildew. Matures two weeks before Red Delicious, end of September in upstate NY. Annual cropping. Fruit hangs on the tree until over-ripe. Hardy to zone 4.

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