Reine des Pommes

Reine des pommes (queen of the apples) is a French cider apple from Brittany, 19th century. It is classified as a douce amere in French cider, a bittersweet here.

West County Cider: "Reine de Pomme is an archaic French Apple. We were struck by the taste- tannins and iron- that made it inedible, but intriguing for a cider. As a cider it has a deep, dark-fruit, honeyed taste. We blended it with our Dabinett to round out the tannins, and Redfield to add bright fruit and to balance to the bitter-sweets. Though blended, Reine de Pomme leads the taste, and the Dabinet and Redfield fall in nicely as supports. It is the fullest-bodied cider we have made."

Reine de pommes blooms early, tree vigor medium. The tree is productive, with harvest early to mid season.

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