Roxbury Russet

Roxbury Russet is the oldest named American apple variety, from Roxbury, Massachusetts, in the early 1600's. It is likely one of the first propagated apples in the United States, and was popularized by Thomas Jefferson, who planted them in Monticello's south orchard in the 1770's.

This heirloom is a greenish-bronze, russeted fruit that is hard, crunchy, sweet and aggressively acidic. Roxbury Russet improves in storage, Apples of Uncommon Character says "By early winter, the acid gives way to a delicious, rich persimmon with nutty undertones". The antique apple is a superb keeper, great for fresh eating, cider, and baking. It is the classic russet, similar to Golden Russet but even higher in sugar (12.87%), and a bigger producer.

In upstate New York, Roxbury Russet ripens late September-early October, with peak flavor October-April.

The tree is vigorous and open-spreading, and shows some resistance to scab, powdery mildew and cedar apple rust. It is partially self-fertile and mid- to late- bloom. Will bear annualy. Widely hardy to zone 4.

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