Sansa is a Japanese fresh eating apple first released in 1988, a cross of Akane x Gala. In 1969, Japanese researcher Dr. Yoshio Yoshida sent pollen from the Akane variety to his colleague in New Zealand, Dr. Don McKenzie, and asked him to use it to cross-pollinate Gala blossoms. The seeds that resulted from the cross were returned to Japan where researchers evaluated the trees and fruit for nearly 20 years.

The Sansa is a spectacularily good apple, sweet with more complexity than Akane. It has a bright red striped blush over a pale, yellow-green background. The fruit is firm, yet tender, juicy and exceptionally sweet. Superior acid balance to Gala, and a much better producer than Akane. As with many early apples, Sansa should be enjoyed fresh, soon after harvest, for a terrific eating experience.

Sansa is tolerant to scab of both fruit and leaves, highly resistant to cedar apple rust and powdery mildew, virtually immune to sooty blotch and fly speck (due to early harvest). Blight tolerance appears to be average.

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