Scarlett O'HaraTM

Scarlett O'Hara is also known as Co-Op 25 and was released by PRI in 2000.

Apple is round-conic, full blushed red, sweet and juicy. Hangs extremely well to the tree and sugars increase greatly until early October. The fruit is mild and slightly bland at harvest, but flavor improves with storage. Stores for up to seven months.

Scarlett O'Hara ripens in mid-September. The tree is moderately vigorous and spreading. From the cooperative scab-resistant breeding program of Purdue-Rutgeers-Illinois, this is one of the highest quality and most productive varieties. It is susceptible to fire blight, resistant to scab and cedar apple rust.

Duane Greene, U Mass: "It can be picked, and actually tastes very similar when harvested over a 4-week period from late September to late October. It is one of the crispest and best storing apples I evaluated. It stores better than Fuji or Braeburn but not quite as well as HoneyCrisp. It has a mild, fruity, vanilla flavor witha good sugar to acid ratio. I would plant this even if it were not a scab resistant apple. Anyone who is lookingfor a versatile scab resistant apple should be looking at this."

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