Sir Prize (Co-Op 5)

Tetraploid Golden Delicious x PRI 14-152, 1975. Harvest: October. Description: Large greenish yellow fruit. High quality, but very thin tender skin that bruises easily. Very sweet, scented taste, crisp, and juicy. Tree Characteristics: Strong, vigorous, spreading tree. Immune to scab; resistant to mildew. Excellent home garden apple. Tender (yet crisp) flesh is extremely sensitive to bruising, which makes it unacceptable as a commercial cultivar, although fruit size, finish, and fine quality make it ideal for the home garden. Susceptibility to cedar-apple rust is a problem in some areas; susceptibility to fire blight is a problem in some areas. Triploid with unviable pollen, so it requires an additional pollinizer. General Recommendation: Suggested for limited use in pick-your-own operations and as a home grower cultivar. "Sir Prize" is currently the only widely available, yellow scab resistant apple in "Golden Delicious" season.

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