Fameuse (Snow Apple) trees for sale

Fameuse (Snow Apple)

Fameuse is also known as Snow or Snow Apple first discovered in French settlements in Quebec around the 1600's. It is likely a Parent of McIntosh.

Small to medium sized fruit with beautiful red over cream skin. Name comes from its pure white flesh occasionally stained crimson near the skin. Soft flesh with an aromatic, floral, delicate, and distinctive flavor. Used for eating and is excellent for cider. Makes a famously fluffy applesauce.

The tree is hardy, longlived, heavy cropping, and tends towards biennial bearing. Produces true to seed. Resistant to canker, mildew and fireblight, susceptible to scab. Ready to harvest late September-early October with peak flavor October-December. Hardy to zone 4.

G.41 Dwarf rootstock (30% of standard)

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