Spitzenburg Esopus

Esopus Spitzenberg originated in Esopus, N.Y. around 1790. It is known as being the favorite apple of Thomas Jefferson and Barack Obama.

This heirloom apple is medium large sized round, conical, orangish fruit with tough skin. Has russet dots and inconspicuous stripes. Spitzenburg is hard, very crisp, fine-grained, spicy and has juicy yellowish flesh. It is a dessert apple for connoisseurs, also very valuable for cider. Very high in sugar and acidity. Flavor notes include brandied, burnt sugar notes, lychee and rose.

The tree is biennial, open and spreading, slow-growing, and moderately vigorous. The tree is susceptible to fire blight, scab and canker. Esopus Spitzenberg is read to harvest late September-early October, and stores well, best eating is November-March. Hardy to zone 4.

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