Cornell's Dr. Terence Robinson is enthused about results in his five-year trial of Regina, a new sweet cherry variety from Germany. Compared to Lapins, Regina is a late-season (very late), crack-resistant cherry. Compared to Lapins, Regina showed a dramatic increase in yields on G.5, as well as size differences on all rootstocks compared to Lapins. Regina fruit averaged 11 grams in weight, while Hedelfinger, Lapins, and Sweetheart averaged from seven to nine grams per fruit. For farm markets in New York, nine grams for fruit size is acceptable, Robinson said, though six grams would be considered too small. "Here you have a beautiful, big cherry," he said of Regina. "It may be the salvation of the sweet cherry industry in New York. We've had yields of Regina unheard of in New York, and not just big yields but also big fruit size." A royalty of $1.00 is added to the price of this tree (US Plant Patent No. 11530).

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