PF 13 Lucky (+6)

Description taken from Paul Friday's website: "In my 45-year search for the perfect peach, PF Lucky 13 is one of the best candidates. PF Lucky 13 is rapidly becoming my most popular peach variety. A neighbor planted a large block of them and after he saw big yields of high quality fruit from his orchard in its third leaf he planted another large block. PF Lucky 13 has always had huge yields of very classy, large (2 3/4" and bigger), extremely firm peaches. Very freestone. The fruit remains on the tree more than 10 days after one might think it should be picked. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger remaining very firm. Almost all of the fruit from this variety is No. 1 quality. The tree is spreading, and very productive with good resistance to bac spot. Jerry Frecon, New Jersey hort. agent, has liked this peach very much in his area for the past several years. This variety showed very hardy characteristics in Dr. Robert Andersen's wood hardiness testing where peach trees encountered temperatures going down to 18 degrees below zero F. in Janurary 2004 in Geneva N.Y." Plant Patent #14,384. Royalty of $1.25 added to base price.

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