PF 19-007 (+16)

Description courtesy Paul Friday: "One of my very favorite peach varieties. This peach variety ripens 17 days after Redhaven and where two industry standards PF 17 and PF 23 overlap. In my opinion it has even better fruit quality than either of them. It has beautiful, large (mostly 3") highly colored firm fruit and is bacterial spot resistant, BROWN ROT RESISTANT and a truly freestone peach. It is very prolific. In the 2002 season, when most varieties in Michigan froze from a spring frost, this variety had a full crop in a very low place. PF 19-007 also blooms late. Fruit has been exceptional in every way every year since. Yields per acre of this variety are very high and rival the well known yields of PF 17." A royalty of $1.25 is added to the base price of this tree.

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