PF 24C Cold Hardy

24 days after Redhaven. This extraordinary peach had to be thinned in 1999 when a total crop failure in Southwestern Michigan occurred due to a winter freeze affecting all other varieties. In 2002 there was a very late spring freeze May 21st and 15 varieties all around this cultivar failed, as it again had a full crop. This is a very unique peach variety that has it all. Usually with a kind that is very spring- and winter-hardy like this one, something else is sacrificed, such as size, firmness, etc., but this peach is very large, firm, highly colored, bacterial spot resistant, and has an excellent, rich flavor. I believe this one to be of special interest to anyone with a questionable peach growing locations. The tree is very tough with strong natural right angle crotches. The fruit has much better size (2-3/4 inch up ) and quality than other varieties thought to be hardy such as Reliance and Madison. Along with PF24C Coldhardy's other attributes, it also blooms late. Plant Patent #15,659. Royalty of $1.25 added to base price.

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