PF 28-007 (+32)

Description taken from Paul Friday's website: "This peach has been ripening about two days after PF-27A, and is as large - or even larger and it colors even better than PF27A. It has good flavor and firmness, it is bacterial spot resistant and is very freestone. Reports have been very good from out East." Phil Baugher of Adams Co. Nursery said, "I gathered 150 samples of peaches for our 100th anniversary and pulling samples of PF 28-007 was the easiest of any variety as every peach down the limb was suitable for the display at our celebration." I had the same experience, myself, preparing for a showcase in (06). Jerry Frecon and Dan Ward from Rutgers University in New Jersey assisted me in pulling the sample and were also very impressed with this variety. Plant Patent #14,778. A royalty of $1.25 is added to base price.

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