Barland (EARLY-MID)

An EARLY-MID season perry pear with high acids and tannins. Origin: Traditional English cultivar, grown since before 1674 Ripens late September at Corvallis in Oregon. Tree: Long lived, becoming large and tall; possibly a triploid; PRECOCIOUS BEARING; the flowers are said to have a more pleasant fragrance than most pears; fruit scab may be severe. Perry: Fruit milled up to three days after harvest; juice ACIDITY 0.92, TANNINS 0.26, SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.058 for fruit from old trees, lower from young trees; produces a high acid, moderate tannin, fruity vintage. Barland perry has been reputed since the seventeenth century to have medicinal value in treating kidney disorders.

Quince Semi-standard rootstock (45% of standard)

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