Brandy (MID)

A MID SEASON perry pear with medium acids and low tannins. Origin: Traditional English cultivar from West Gloucestershire popular during the 1800s. Ripens in October in England s West Midlands, early September in western Oregon. Tree: Mature tree is smaller and with wider crotch angles than most other perry cultivars; vigorous and sturdy as a young tree; HEAVY PRODUCER but tends toward biennial bearing; VERY PRECOCIOUS bearing; mid-late flowering; some fruit scab. Perry: Fruit milled up to 4 weeks after harvest; juice ACIDITY 0.44, TANNINS 0.12, SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.069 from older trees, values lower from young trees; produces a dark colored, aromatic, mild-flavored vintage of average quality. MUCH MORE BLIGHT TOLERANT (not necessarily resistant) THAN MOST OTHER PERRYS (according to Autumn at Eve's Cidery)

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