Gem (+8)

A new fireblight-resistant, European pear selection bred by Dr. Richard Bell at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, West Virginia. The selection, known as 014 for short, came from a cross of Sheldon and selection US 62563-004. It is a European pear but can be consumed fresh at harvest. It has a crisp, juicy texture and sweet, but mild flavor more similar to an Asian pear than a European pear. Following cold storage and ripening at room temperature the fruit ­softens to about three pounds firmness and develops typical pear flavors, though it is not a melting, dessert-type pear. It has a five- to six-month storage life under regular ­atmosphere storage. In OSU's field and lab tests, 014 has demonstrated several appealing attributes including: • early fruiting (precocity) • consistent high annual production • attractive fruit appearance • good storability • good consumer acceptance The selection has a red blush over a green background, and fruit finish has been russet free over several seasons of testing in Hood River. FRUIT MATURE FIVE TO TEN DAYS AFTER BARTLETT.

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