Gin (LATE)

A late-season, scab-tolerant perry pear with moderate acids and tannins, high proportion of citric acid. Origin: Traditional English cultivar from the Newent district of Gloucestershire. Ripens mid October in Englands West Midlands, and in western Oregon; excellent keeping quality prior to milling. Tree: Vigorous growth as a young tree, becoming medium size when mature. Good production but tends toward biennial bearing; some fruit scab; late blooming. Perry: Fruit milled 3-5 weeks after harvest; juice ACIDITY 0.42, TANNINS 0.15, specific gravity 1.052; higher concentration of CITRIC ACID (>.3%) than other perry pears; produces a GOOD QUALITY vintage with medium acids and tannins.

OHxF 87 Semi-standard rootstock (65% of standard)

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