Harrow Crisp (+0)TM

ACTM Harrow Crisp (formerly HW 610) (Parentage: Bartlett x US56112-146) It is a very attractive pear with red blush on smooth yellow skin. The cream-white flesh is smooth, grit-free and firm even when fully ripe, with a mild sweet flavour. The fruit matures at the end of Aug. or early Sept., about the same time as Bartlett. It can be picked over a 2-week period. Early picked fruit can be stored for about 2 months, but storage life is reduced with later picking. If kept too long or picked too late, it will deteriorate internally without external signs. Fruit size on unthinned trees is slightly larger than Bartlett. It has a good to very good rating for fresh fruit quality. When processed as pear halves, it has maintained its integrity, received good to very good ratings, and has been included in a CanAdapt pear trial. The tree is medium in size, conical and upright, annually productive and hardy. The tree has excellent resistance to natural fire blight infections (9.5 rating compared to Bartlett reading of 4.2), similar to Harrow Sweet and Harvest Queen. Following inoculation, lesion development may extend to about 15% of current season's growth. Precocity of ACTM Harrow Crisp is similar to Bartlett, trees coming into production about 4 years after planting. ACTMHarrow Crisp is protected under the Plant Breeders Rights Act (application number 00-2184), CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR TEST PURPOSES ONLY (NOT COMMERCIAL SALES).

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