Harrow Gold (-10)

ACTM Harrow Gold (formerly HW 616). Parentage: Harvest Queen x Harrow Delight. Fruit are picked about 10 days before Bartlett, between Harrow Delight and Harvest Queen. An attractive yellow fruit, with good size (larger than Harvest Queen, similar in size to Bartlett), smooth skin, fine texture, very good flavour with a good balance between sweetness and acidity, and exceptionally juicy. The fresh fruit quality of ACTM Harrow Gold is rated similar to Bartlett. As with many other early season pears, the fruit will not store for very long (probably no more than 4-6 weeks) in common cold storage, but it is excellent for roadside stands. This cultivar has received good to very good processing ratings and has been included in the CanAdapt pear trial. ACTM Harrow Gold has excellent resistance to natural fire blight infections (9.6 rating); however, in some years following inoculation with the causative organism, lesions have developed which have extended to about 25% of current season's growth. Precocity in a second test planting appears to be similar to that of Bartlett. ACTM Harrow Gold is protected under the Plant Breeders Rights Act (application number 00-2185).

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