Hendre Huffcap

A MID SEASON perry pear with medium acids and low tannins. Origin: Traditional old English cultivar from the Bromsberrow and Haresfield districts of Gloucestershire. Related to, but distinct from the Yellow Huffcap. The name Huffcap may have come from a potent ale that could lift ones cap, or possibly referring to lifting your cup when making a toast. Ripens early to mid-October in England s West Midlands, late September to early October in western Oregon; easily shaken from tree. Tree: Mature tree is large with few upright limbs and wide crotch angles; early flowering; FRUIT SCAB IS RARE. Perry: Fruit milled up to 2 weeks after harvest; juice ACIDITY0.37, TANNINS 0.08, specific gravity 1.059; reliably produces a light, GOOD QUALITY vintage with low tannins.

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