Honeysweet (+7)

From a 1955 cross of Seckel & U.S. 220. Selected from 137 seedlings planted at Purdue University, selected for survival of fireblight inoculum & severe winter damage and, finally, fruit quality. The tree is spreading and does not defoliate even without spraying for leaf spotting diseases. The tree takes fireblight but strikes typically cork-off in 1 or 2 year old wood. The tree is considered to have at least "Kieffer" level of resistance. The fruit can be picked the 2nd week in September in Lafayette, Ind. The pyriform-turbinate shaped fruit ranges from 21/4 - 21/2 inches in diameter and 21/2 to 23/4 inches in length, ripening to a golden russet. The flesh is very smooth and buttery with no detectable grit. The flavor is rich, very sweet, and resembles, `Seckel`. The new variety of pear is named "Honeysweet." "Honeysweet" SETS WITHOUT POLLINATORS but the size is reduced. Pollen is fertile. Honeysweet is resistant to fireblight and to leaf spotting diseases, making it great for home gardens and local markets.

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