Excellent golden brown russet variety. Excellent taste and eating qualities. Flesh is off-white, tender crisp, very juicy, very sweet. Size is medium to large (12-14 oz). Tree is medium to large, productive, weeping, and spreading. Stores about 3 months. Reported to develop water core if stored too long when picked very ripe. Ripens late August, early September. From Japanese breeding program, introduced in 1972; (Kikusui x Yakumo) x Yakumo. This is the the best-flavored of all the Asian pears! Sugar content usually 12 brix or higher but more tart in the North. It is an early season, russet type with a round globular shape and yellow to brownish-yellow skin, heavily russeted. It has a long storage life. The tree is vigorous, willowy and spreading. Good resistance to pear scab disease. Susceptible to fire blight and pseudomonas.

Betulifolia Full-size rootstock (100% of standard)

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