Nijisseiki (20th Century)

"20th Century" (Nijisseki): This is the best flavored and most popular Asian pear in Japan and California. It originated in Japan in about 1900 and was responsible for the high popularity of pears in Japan. It is round, yellow-skinned, easily bruised, but stores well up to six months. The fruit is more difficult to size than other cultivars but its popularity outweighs this problem. The fruit ripens in mid-August. Old trees need spur removal and rejuvenating pruning to maintain fruit size. The tree is naturally well shaped and easy to handle. Good storage: 4 to 5 months in the refrigerator. Semi-spur habit. Susceptible to pear scab and fire blight, but MUCH LESS SUSCEPTIBLE than others TO PSEUDOMONAS SYRINGAE, "blossom blast" and bacterial canker, the major concern for districts north of fireblight pressure where spring weather is cold and wet. It has been our most consistent cropper of high quality fruit under very strenuous conditions. PARTIALLY SELF-FERTILE.

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