Rousselet de Reims

An ancient variety believed by some European authorities to date back to the beginning of the Christian era. It is definitely known that the variety has been grown in the vacinity of Rheims, France, for several centuries. It is said to have been the favorite pear of King Louis XIV.

Fruit small in size, roundish-turbinate in form, somewhat irregular. Skin greenish-yellow in color, blushed with dull red on sunny side, sprinkled with gray russet dots. Flesh white, semi-fine, buttery but not melting, moderately juicy. Extremely sweet, aromatic, spicy flavor. Supposed to have been the parent of Seckel.

A little later than Bartlett in season. Susceptible to core breakdown. Tree very vigorous, spreading and willowy in habit, almost standard tree on quince, very productive though not necessarily precocious. Moderately susceptible to blight.

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