Popular variety for the very early season. Fruit is yellow-green to pale yellow, smooth with small lenticels, size is large. Flesh is white, sweet, firm, crisp and juicy. Tree is moderately vigorous, dense, very productive and precocious. Fruit quality is good to very good. Excellent storage life, 3-4 months or more. Fruit ripens in late August, early September, 7-10 days before Hosui. Also known as New Century. Nijiesiki x Chojuro; a Japanese selection introduced in 1945. An early season variety, with uniform size, globular lopsided shape and green to yellow-green color. The flesh is sweet, slightly tart, firm and juicy. Fruit hangs on the tree well; tree ripening is best. SELF FERTILE, blocks are grown without pollinators in CA. Relatively low chilling requirement -- about 400 chill units. LIMITED RESISTANCE TO PSEUDOMONAS REPORTED, resistance said to increase with the age of the tree.

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