Winnals Longdon (MID)

Brooks and Olmo Register of Fruit and Nut Varieties: "A mid season, scab resistant perry pear with high acids and low tannins. Origin: Raised by Mr. Winnall of Woodfield, England, in the parish of Weston-under-Penyard about 1790. Ripens in early October in England's West Midlands. Tree: Mature tree is medium to large; very productive but tends toward biennial bearing; slow to come into bearing; one of the few English perry pears compatible with quince rootstock; RELATIVELY FREE OF FRUIT SCAB. Perry: Fruit milled within one week of harvest; juice ACIDITY 0.57, TANNINS 0.11, specific gravity 1.058; produces a GOOD QUALITY vintage with moderate acids and low tannins."

Quince Semi-standard rootstock (45% of standard)

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