Blue Byrd trees for sale

Blue Byrd

Recent introduction from USDA breeding program, tested as B69158. Bright blue skin, amber-yellow flesh. Excellent flavor; good sugar-acid balance. Typically 2 inches long, not quite as wide. Ripens 10 days before Stanley. Erect growth habit; spur fruiting. Self-infertile; requires pollenizer such as Stanley or Green Gage. Well adapted to Mid-Atlantic region. Shows excellent resistance to black knot according to Dr. Ralph Scorza at the USDA-ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station--- in fact we can see no knots on old trees even with highly infected trees in the same planting. Pollinators that work for Bluebyrd besides those that you list in your catalog (Stanley, Green Gage) include President and Bluefree.

Marianna GF8-1 Full-size rootstock (100% of standard)

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