Geneva Mirabelle

Mirabelle-type plums are famous in some districts of France and Germany for their excellent processed products of compote (whole individual fruit canned in heavy syrup), jams and brandies. Geneva Mirabelle TM is unique for New York conditions in that it has proven to crop regularly and to ripen earlier (by about ten days) than American Mirabelle (which ripens in the last few days of September). Its release is based on its consistent heavy cropping and a desire by Geneva horticulturists to make it available for emerging cottage industries in jam making, compote, and fruit wine. Geneva Mirabelle resulted from selections made in 1950 amongst open pollinated seedlings of American Mirabelle by scientists at the New York Agricultural Experiment Station, in Geneva NY. It is rounder and earlier than its female parent. It has a golden skin color that is covered by about 40% orange-pink blush. Fruits are small (approximately 15g), round, and completely freestone. Flesh color is amber and levels of about 22 percent soluble solids are common. Well pollinized by Damson, Castleton, Italian, Gras Romanesc, Seneca, BluesJam, other Mirabelle strains, and no doubt most other mid or late blooming European plums. A royalty of $1.25 is added to the price of this tree.

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