New release from the USDA program in Kearneysville WV, seedling from open pollination of Bluebyrd plum. Bred and released to provide a high quality Prunus Domestica plum RESISTANT TO PLUM POX VIRUS, the causal agent of sharka disease. Also inherited BLACK KNOT RESISTANCE from Bluebyrd. Dependable cropper in all test locations, fruit ripens (in Kearneysville WV) in mid-August to early September or about 10-20 days prior to Stanley. Average weight of 2 oz, length 2 inches & width 1.75 inches. Flesh is yellow, firm, juicy, and sweet. Skin is a deep purple with a waxy overcoat. Self incompatible, shown to be compatible with Castleton, Longjohn, Victory, Vision, and President. (HONEYSWEET IS A GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CULTIVAR, RESISTANCE TO PPV IS BASED ON RNA INTERFERENCE)

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