Santa Rosa

Early season. Introduced by Luther Burbank in 1907. S.R. is a medium large, crimson to purplish red, lightly freckled plum with yellow flesh slightly suffused with pink especially near the pit. The fruit is firm, sweet, juicy, and aromatic, except near the pit, where it is quite acid. The tree is widely adapted, partly self fertile (sets fruit without a pollenizer, but sets a lot more with one), and the tree is hardy, vigorous, and highly productive. S.R. is a very important commercial cultivar and readily available in the supermarket. Nevertheless, its very good flavor, self fertility, and importance as a pollenizer makes it a very good choice for the home garden. Zone 6 and south, 5B at best, since flower buds are sensitive to winter lows. MUCH LESS SUSCEPTIBLE TO BLACK KNOT than Stanley, etc. SELF FERTILE

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